Benefits of Web Applications

One of the biggest shifts in the computing landscape over the past few years is the move to Web based reporting and applications.

Web applications bring a number of significant advantages:

Ubiquitous Access to Centralized Information
Easy to Distribute
Simple to Use

Ubiquitous access:
Wherever an Internet or Intranet enabled PC is found, the application is accessible. Every computer equipped with a Web browser and attached to an Internet (or Intranet) connection can easily access the necessary systems. It does not matter what operating system or where the user resides, Web applications are accessible. The simple act of typing in the Web address in the location field of the browser adds another dimension to ubiquity.

Easy to distribute:
Web applications eliminate the physical and logistic obstacles to distributing and installing fat client software on the end user’s computer. Eliminating this hassle improves the experience of software users immeasurably. Removing this significant obstacle also makes frequent upgrades and improvements to corporate applications an achievable goal.

Simple to use:
Because Web browsers have been designed from the start with an easy to use interface, the Web applications that run on them inherit this characteristic. The act of accessing your information becomes as easy as visiting Yahoo for the latest stock prices.