Set customized emails and SMS text messages.

With InfoGrasp you can send customized emails and text messages using any data in the system. Whether it’s the monthly lunch menu, a late bus SMS text message, an emailed merit award, or a multiple absences inquiry, Infograsp helps you keep in touch with your parents.

Informed parents are happy parents. InfoGrasp helps us keep our parents informed.
Rabbi Chaim Glazer – Principal – Torah Academy of Boca Raton

Email Your Monthly Lunch Menu

Get Rid of Complex Report Writers with InfoGrasp’s Simple Data Retrieval

InfoGrasp’s search and quick filters helps you retrieve the data you need in seconds without the need for Complex Report writers. Select, order, sort and format your data with InfoGrasp Views.

It’s simple to get the data I need from InfoGrasp, without Complex Report Writers!
Rabbi Ezra Malitzky – Executive Director – Shevach High School of Queens

Retrieve your data easily with quick searches, filters and saved views

Get the Software Changes and Training You Need at One Monthly Price

Our continuing goal is to deliver the best possible software at the best possible price. That is why we do not charge for customization requests. We make all changes available to all our customers at no charge. We don’t believe in nickel and dime-ing, so we provide customer support and training at no extra cost.

We run a large Pesach Retreat with detailed reservation information. InfoGrasp implemented all our requests – quickly and at no cost.
Rabbi Shai Rosenthal – Administrator – Jewish Heritage Center

The Student Record functions enable you to maintain information in the following areas

Student Records:
Current Students
Student Details
Student Transportation
Student Allergies and Medical
Student Housing
Student Food Program
All Students (current & past)
Medical Records
Student Forms
Books Received

School Wide Attendance Date
Class Section Attendance Date
Student Attendance
Attendance System
Attendance System Output Files
Attendance System Output Records
Attendance System Class Section
Monthly Meal Report
All Years Student Attendance
All Years Class Section Attendance Date

Merit / Discipline / Issues:
Student Merit
Student Discipline
Student Issues

Tests / Assignments / Grades:
Tests and Assignments
Student Grades
Report Cards
All Years Tests and Assignments
All Years Student Grades

Extra Curricular:
Student Skills
Student Interests
Student Extra Curricular Activities

School Lists:
Extra Curricular Activities
Medical Record Types
School Books
School Forms
School Supplies
Transportation Stops